November 29, 2008

bread bomb

we got bread bombed last night. the doorbell rang at 10:30pm and when mum answered it there was no one there but this box of bread. i'm sure there's some kind of logical explanation but just the smell of it makes me sick.

first stop... to commemorate my arrival. good enough excuse?

image courtesy of

November 27, 2008

coming home

i stopped for some sustenance at 'the centre of the universe'. needless to say it made me feel disgusting and i didn't finish either of them but it had to be done.

i think that 'the centre of the universe' is my favourite roadhouse.

ellie: chooky mcchookison sends his undying love. (this is one of the photos i took at easter; he wasn't nearly so co-operative today.)

life imitating art

when i awoke this morning i opened the little window beside my bed only to be greeted by kanga.

i took about a million photos of her, trying to get the light right, before figuring that i got at least one good shot and getting up out of bed. it was only then that i realised that she had a baby roo with her and he promptly jumped into her pouch for a photo op. they're so well camouflaged though aren't they?

and it was this that really reminded me of roo from 'winnie the pooh'

he always seems to be having such a lot of fun! easily the best character (followed quite closely by tigger).

another day

i went for a walk along gnarabup beach. it's officially the seaweediest beach in the south-west.

then i drove up to providore, so tasty. i had some lunch; whiting with crispy potatoes (fish & chips) with fennel and shallot salad (from the garden).

this coffee was just awful but i really did enjoy the little cup in came in.

then over to the chocolate factory for some free samples. these are ingot-style bars of chocolate. they're so heavy!

there is something so deliciously satisfying about cutting rocky road with a big knife.

days at blackrock

i've been down in margaret river for the past few days.

it was raining when i woke up on the first day which was a bit of a black eye. but the light was quite beautiful and grey so that put a feather in my cap. (i watched 'catch 22').

coffee by aldo rossi.

the sun came out (a little)!

the beginnings of the new garden.


went into town but there were too many silly school leavers there so i had lunch at blue ginger.

killed a cockroach and made a ratatouille. the two events are only linked by the fact that the cockroach attacked me when i went in to the pantry to get olive oil (it's under the spray, under the paper towel and was there for a good few hours just to be sure it was dead).

the best tub in all the world.

November 22, 2008

no cash

young david and i went to see 'quantum of solace' on friday night and that took up a large portion of the last of my money. so saturday night was a bit quiet. i planned to watch 'moulin rouge!' because after seeing the preview for 'australia' (and getting a bit teary - i know, getting ahead of myself homesickness-wise) i remembered how much i like baz luhrmann and his lavish productions...

... but, there happened to be a spongebob marathon under way. yep, he's playing his nose is a forlorn fashion because his "best-day-ever" wasn't working out the way he planned. i can relate, though i can't play my nose as well as him (i did try though).

spoke to ellie via skype, that was pretty good too. we were kind of dressed the same as well, darn american apparel! she said my coat arrived safely, as did my ugg boots. awesome.

November 21, 2008

things to miss #6

driving around on a day like today. 22 degrees, no wind, windows all the way down, listening to paul simon.

November 20, 2008

my tiger, my friend

went to the zoo today and paid the ridiculous entry fee in the hope of seeing the three new tiger cubs.

you probably won't believe this but i actually willed this meerkat to get in the box but was obviously too slow to get a picture. but it was all me i promise.

i was also willing this galapagos tortoise to eat that bird, but he was too slow (of course). he is 175 years old so i guess that's a good enough excuse.

so awesome. all the other orangutans had ice blocks but the big daddy gets a cloak.

this sign couldn't be more accurate.

mama tiger. the cubs were nowhere to be seen. she had hidden them away because they're not used to crowds yet. which means i'm probably going to back and capture them and take them to london with me.


November 19, 2008

at last

i cleaned the house today (mum needed a cleaner, i needed cash) and cleared a whole bunch of stuff out of my room. so finally i have access to my rocking chair again. it didn't take much, but i just happened to be on a serious mission today and it finally got done.

my last

australian vogue.

November 18, 2008


it was really quite warm today so i went for a swim this morning and then spent the afternoon following josh around the city in his sartorial pursuits.

first stop : the tailor to have some huge linen pants made not so huge.

this is the toilet in the trinity building. it's pretty cool, kind of lost in time.

then to pick up his old boots that had been re-soled. 

and down to parker (twice). once to pick up and deliberate over his panama hat and the second time to get some socks.

very australian lunch. the weather definitely called for the pie-coke-blazing sun combo. it was pretty rough but we came out relatively unscathed.

November 16, 2008

new ugg boots

my darling mother bought me these to keep my toes warm in the new city (and new climate). these ones are hand made in fremantle and considerably cheaper than the ones with the registered 'ugg' name. they're so legit. thanks mum!

November 14, 2008


driving down to freo in the merc. 

tasty treat of queso manchego with quince paste on toast (for josh, not me. mum likes him best.)

this is the first photo i've ever taken of the dingo.

beautiful perth light.

'you store it you lock it you keep the key'

josh looking very david lynch-y next to the beast.