February 25, 2010


first day back in london.

wilton's. now full of prams.

this was later, tate mod.

leaving perth

hanging in the garden with sham. given the proximity of that stick, i'd probably just been trying to make her eat it. we have a special relationship like that.

best building.

how could i have driven by? i love you, wool stores. 

more (yes, more)

bang. (actually said it out loud when i saw this.)

also, happy birthday mamman!

February 23, 2010


i'm awaiting more (yes, more!) photos from france. it takes them a week to process slide film and i had to wait for pay-day to make sure i could legitimately afford it! sit tight.

February 11, 2010


i paid the princely sum of two pounds per film to have my photos put onto cd. totally worth it, i think.

February 8, 2010

two birds...

speaking of stones, my desire for a black coat and a new tweed are now satisfied. 

a little shrine

stones from travels : large slate and smaller red stone (on top) - andy goldsworthy in scotland; large rock with red paint (below left) - garden of cosmic speculation; chunk of concrete - la tourette; and a pebble from maison la roche.

February 4, 2010

maison la roche

only a few photos.

depressingly, the film in the M6 wasn't wound on...

and i was running very low on digital space...

and i lent dad my spare memory card.

needless to say, i'm going back.