February 27, 2009

a glamourous life.

more richard nicoll stuff... backstage shots courtesy of dazed&confused

ellie and i with karlie kloss (and her judy blame shoe-cuff-thing).

and me again below. it was so very hot back there, hence the pinkness of cheek.

old news

here are some photos from the latter half of tuesday when i accompanied soph to some fashion week stuff. before this we had seen the sartorialist, been to lunch, visited harriet (my cousin, she made us some tea), seen some pretty mediocre young designers and planned how fashion week would be a million times better if soph was in charge. one day, just you wait.

we had some time to kill so we stopped for some cheese and wine.

on to the science museum where i snuck into 'future classics'. great venue, the effort really paid off.

the show was really beautiful, deconstructed 40s influence. i could easily wear everything in it even though it's not usually my cup of tea. it's quite funny how the context (ie - witnessing the clothes in person, rather than via internet and magazines) completely changes one's perception.


February 23, 2009

the show

this is my handiwork - ie - the model i dressed.

and this is my favourite look. goosebumps, seriously.

and the beautiful finale dress. there really aren't enough words to describe and the photos almost don't do the clothes justice.

images courtesy of style.com

February 22, 2009


... show day for richard nicoll.

miss geddes at the studio.

the waiting begins... the richard nicoll crew waiting to get into the venue.

more waiting after being shuffled out from backstage while christopher kane set up.

laura, embracing cultural diversity, eating greek salad with chopsticks.

the scrum before christopher kane.

stam. as captivating as every model should be. admittedly not the best photo of her but i didn't want to be really obviously model-stalking her.

kanye-freakin-west. the star at kane's show being mobbed by photographers backstage. he's really short.

all ready.

the man himself.

my look but not my model. this is ali stephens, she was quite sweet.

it was a mad rush of miscommunication and excitement and then it was all over and packed away.

this is linder sterling who designed the beautiful prints. she was the only calm one backstage so she and i decided that it could be her job to emit waves of good energy and serenity. i think she did pretty well. think i might grow up to be her. she's pretty cool.

then i headed back east to meet up for lunch with soph and ev (her housemate) at albion. it's a great sunday kind of place. also the love of my life turned up and i now have confirmation of his commanding presence and soph's approval.
afterwards we mosied through the streets to the royal oak to see brooke and antony. and then i came home. work again tomorrow, but this sunday makes it all worthwhile.

soundtrack for this evening : elephant gun (song) by beirut & in ear park (album) by department of eagles.

February 21, 2009

saturday, again

a sunny day in old london town. i spent it at work. this is the view south on pitfield street as i was walking home again.

the market was packed today, full of over-dressed hipsters and mums with prams. looked like a lot of fun though! some interesting stuff happened to me though. kat came in with an apple for me which made my day it was very tasty and much appreciated. also this australian woman has been coming in every saturday and she was so familiar to me but i couldn't place her. so i served her today and asked where she was from and how i couldn't place her. we whittled it down (she's from perth, she's a muso, she used to teach...) and it turns out she's gen wilkins, my very first and absolute favourite drum teacher and band leader from year seven! we were so busy that we didn't get to talk but, mum, dad and ellie will remember how much i loved her and what a great teacher she was. working in the cafe is pretty good.

February 17, 2009

flour and tomato

i was sitting outside story deli this morning (it was closed), talking to mum and dad and watching all of their supplies arrive. though i've heard it before (via soph and 'notes by naive'), ellie has most recently informed me that they make the best pizza. in the spirit of unwise eating i shall have to experience for myself i think.


i have no good excuse for not posting except work, much work. ellie, on the other hand, has been to japan and back for richard nicoll and she bought me these owls. there is a significance which may be revealed at a later date, but for now they just make my keys easier to find.

February 9, 2009

at last...

...friends who appreciate ducks as much as i do.

brooke, antony and i went to feed the ducks in victoria park on sunday. antony started to get a bit concerned that he may have been too hasty in rejecting the ducks in the other pond. he's evidently quite picky about who he feeds.

the ice was still surprisingly thick and un-duck-friendly.

then we walked another few metres around the corner a bit and found a few ducks, some very aggressive moorhens and some silly geese. just as an aside, when you throw bread at a goose and accidentally (at first, and then purposefully) hit the goose in the face (because they really are very dumb) it makes a really good sound. and they don't even seem to mind too much.

February 8, 2009

attn: josh

i think the post entitled last trip to tulsa 2 might be directed at you.


this is my pool.

if it wasn't so creepy for me to take a photo inside i would. it's really nice.

there's this really amazing adventure playground down the road from it too. again, kind of creepy, especially on a sunday morning when it's full of kids. but it's a real adventure playground made out of wood. it's got everything except... ah, visual puns.

surely not

carry on

soph and i went back in time last night. this is the blitz party and this is the only half decent photo that i took. i hate my stupid flash.
i was also told off by an history buff who looked like james mcavoy in atonement for wearing a german military jacket but being styled french. in my own defense when i bought said jacket i was told that it was french. there was a lot of winking, pipe smoking, snuff snorting, swing dancing, red lipstick and saluting and a great band that performed a very rousing milord. good fun but i was simply too tired.

February 7, 2009


saturdays are not meant to be like this. i had a really wonderful and relaxing one planned until late on friday when kerry very sheepishly asked if i wouldn't mind working. of course i did mind, but in actual fact didn't have a lot of choice in the matter. oh well. but after a most emotionally exhausting day i arrived home (with fish and chips. did i mention i was hungover? silly.) to this letter from young joshua. it lifted my spirits a little and then i had a little nap.


this is not dissimilar to the get up i've  been rocking of late, especially on work days and going to and from the pool. i always felt just a little bit off about the check of my coat, colourful jumper and big socks - a bit too much, or a bit manic or something. but, not that i'm seeking outside approval, if it's good enough for this beautiful woman and good enough for the sartorialist to photograph it, it should be good enough for me.

February 3, 2009

snow day(s)

monday, out my window (i didn't end up going swimming, i found out today that the pool was closed anyway).

that's a lot of snow.

my new white patent leather converse, yet to be worn, though i thought kind of fitting (and the only semi-practical snow bound shoes i have.)

this was about 9am and hoxton square was already full of snow-fighters.

less pretty on hackney road on my way to work. (called in early because one girl didn't turn up. it was mental. nobody went to work so everybody came into the cafe. we were not prepared, nor were we impressed by everyone having such marvelous old-timey fun in london fields. many hot chocolates to be had.)

this is soph's house. i went and stayed the night because nights like this really should be shared.

and in the morning, on my way to work again.

a very rugged-up sophie. we had a mini-frolic in the park. the snow was so deep and fluffy it was great!

frozen canal.

the ducks, like the rest of london, were at a loss as to what to do.

these are quite amusing, the one with tea-bags for eyes especially.