August 21, 2009

love letter

i used to be sort of blind, now i can sort see.

if you could only stop your heartbeat, for one heartbeat.

there is no love, where there is no obstacle. there is no love, where there is no bramble. there is no love, on the hacked-away plateau. and there is no love in the un-erring. and there is no love in the one true path.

this is bill callahan. he's written some of the most beautiful music you will even hear.

August 19, 2009


some fun days around and about in london.

our sometimes cat, yo.

saturday evening on broadway.

jamie at the free sunday barbeque at the stag's head. such a sweet deal, trying to keep it quiet though.

hannah and i went wandering through the City the other day. it dawned on us just how little of the city we've seen. this is smithfield meat market.

st paul's.


88 london wall, by richard rogers. didn't even need to look it up it's so similar in styling to le pompie.

london wall is the weirdest place!

idyllic barbican.

god, i would do anything to live here.

this little hut is set up in the courtyard as part of the 'radical nature' exhibition on at the moment.

you can have a little cup of berry tea. also, hannah cut all her hair off while i was away!

August 12, 2009

hello sweden

on the train to stockholm.

extreme picnic

this is marit and el at the new opera house. see that ramped bit in the front? you can walk up it on to the roof.

we bought all the elements for a picnic after being inside this mall for a while so we had no idea what the weather was actually like. that is, not ideal. needless to say we got rained-out and our crackers got a bit soggy.

so we took refuge with kate moss at the old opera house. el is using this experience (extreme picnics) to develop a reality tv show in which people have really bad picnics!


this is el's place in majorstuen, and that's my bed (it folds out).

hi oslo!

stella!!!! in the king's park, slottsparken.

and the mightily unimpressive castle. nice one norway.

kate moss, practicing her yoga in the old opera house.

August 10, 2009


back from scandinavia earlier than expected. and no, this isn't me. but, i did buy this dress in grey at a hugely discounted price. ellie and i commented (way back in september last year when trawling the internet for fashion week stuff) on how lovely this dress is - simple and effective. more scandi stuff to come, i need to work myself up to down-sizing all those photos.

image courtesy of the sartorialist.