May 31, 2010

May 23, 2010

sunny sunday

perfect day for school-girl sandals

May 22, 2010

can't help myself.

these are from my birthday.

at first i thought i hated them; they seemed a bit sloppy or something.

but now they've grown on me (especially this one).

May 20, 2010


seriously though. as soon as i saw the words 'jean nouvel' i knew to be disappointed, but this exceeds everything awful i could have predicted. or maybe i'm just grumpy today. ick.
i especially like :  "remind of classic british icons, such as the phone box or the London buses, while contrasting with the green of the park". wow. smart. (yeah, seriously grumpy. i can only hope to get my fix in venice)

oh joanna

the third of my big, heartbreaking three (beirut, bill callahan and now joanna newsom). i am completely fulfilled.

the other one

that finch on my right foot was trying to take off with my shoelace.

May 17, 2010


this was relatively recently; not this wednesday just passed but the one before that.



the birds at the barbican! you weren't meant to take photos but i couldn't pass up this opportunity. the exhibition/installation was a room set up with amplified guitars, basses and cymbals full of these nesting zebra finches. my feet were covered in them at one point. we figured it was the coffee grounds they were after.

a week of spring.

market day.

... and his nikon. and the banana bread i made.

one of many.


more from brighton.


ages ago, when it was still winter, ellie and i trooped over to hampstead.

parliament hill, in the rain.

and the sun was back by the time we made it to old street.


spring baby.

very green lunch at rochelle canteen.

irises and lilies from aggy.

self portrait at 24.

May 16, 2010


been hanging out with ky, taking photos, so prepare for an onslaught of old information.

May 6, 2010


some photos from a while back.

mr puppy, no longer resident at albion dr.

dirty house.

rochelle school.



another one of ky's from yesterday. and dad, well played!


hanging with ky at the barbican; seeing the birds (i'll explain later), taking some pictures, eating bananas.

trying to cram in as much quality time before he goes back to new york.