September 29, 2010

time waster

speaking of addictions, this website is ridiculous.
sorry that i don't have any real news, something will happen soon though, or i'll have some film developed or something.

September 28, 2010

proper addiction

i really need to stop visiting the hermes site.

September 21, 2010

September 16, 2010


i might just be having a minor obsession with werner herzog right now. if you haven't seen grizzly man or fitzcaraldo, your life is, in fact, incomplete. i'm also dying to see i'm still here (out tomorrow!).

September 15, 2010

on the stoop

this is why i can't have nice things.

edit: just to clarify based on the comments, this is not my doing. my mug had been missing for a while and then when i left the house in the morning, this is what i found. cup murder.

when you left the fire

aggy and i spent last night with a very handsome and charming bunch of canadians by the name of wilderness of manitoba. four part harmonies? yes please! cover of CSN's helplessly hoping? fucking gorgeous.
great opener too, nathaniel rateliff.

September 11, 2010

things are about to get boring

i apologize. you might need to stay away if nostalgia offends you because i'm rediscovering some absolute gems.
when corgis attack.

September 9, 2010


i've begun the somewhat daunting task of going through the past decade* or so of photographs. this is not purely for nostalgia's sake, no no, i'm hoping that in clearing up my digital memory i might regain at least a small portion of my cerebral memory. 

anyway, long hair!! i always forget just how crazy it was. i think i could get it back in a year or two, what do you say? (an aside - i miss that baby leica too).

* an exaggeration, naturally. i do have some from high school so there's a decent amount to get through.


did i mention the family of foxes living in our garden?


when kitty hangs out in my room, this is the only place she wants to be.

she will fight just about anything...

...she especially likes the power connection (not the cord, just the bit that may hurt her).

i never wanted to be one of those people who fills up the internet with cats, but she's just too cute not to be shared.

September 7, 2010


i've acquired an olympus om-10 (without the manual adapter). the instructions are one of the best things about it.

September 3, 2010


henry said, 'don't encourage him soph.'
(that's the punchline, i can barely remember the body of the joke, and it wouldn't be funny anyway).