June 26, 2009

so long soph #1

when soph found me outside climpson's this morning, i was planning to walk to the tate and see where the day took me. instead, soph and i wandered through london spending her money. she's done very well for herself.

after a restorative lunch at rose bakery, we wandered through soho to milk bar for coffee and our take-away carrot cake. this is the kind of day you dream of having and i'm quite excited for the day when i can be completely frivolous with my money too.


just another sunny afternoon hanging out on the market. a new experience for nic and anna though and they certainly made the most of it.

June 16, 2009

never alone

ellie and i found a rainbow of books in shoreditch.

turned out to be a library and we promptly signed up. just waiting for my card to arrive in the mail.

sunday in the life

waiting for a table at albion... admiring the selection.

waiting (forever) for breakfast at albion with steph and hannah.

and temptation was succumbed to. hannah is as good at justifying as me - we worked hard all week and sunday was a beautiful day for the park and you can't go to the park without tasty treats. and there you have it.

steph and hannah.

another gig at climpsons, the end of the triple rosie tour.

ora, lizzie and kerry watching tom - "if whiskey doesn't kill me..."

matt d.

triple rosie. "if i could be a note, i'd be all of them."

that's ish marquez, the guy they were supporting on tour. they wrote some wicked songs on the road.

ora cogan, with help from max.

oscar had really shiny shoes on.

June 13, 2009

day in the life


get to work at 7:30 ready to open at 8.

though the market opens officially at 10 it takes a while to get going...

...and it wasn't even that busy today.

jamie and hannah, killing it on the machine.

the remnants of mid-afternoon snack, courtesy of the stall just outside our door, 'flour power'.

an eerily vacant cafe. this does not happen.

finishing up for the day.

the twat (and mutton).

an all too familiar sight, though not my responsibility today. technically, because i was chef today i should have finished at four, but i stuck around doing odd jobs til five and then skipped out when the real cleaning began...

...straight to the bar next door with jamie (nicola too). nothing like sitting in the gutter with a cocktail after a long day.

yes chef.

we gathered some more people ad hung out drinking free cocktails for a while. they really are so good to us there.

some of my housemates were at the cat/twat but matt, nicola, hannah, gustav and a bunch of swedes were hanging on the corner, so i did that instead.

after much indecision and loitering we ended up in the gutter outside the dove (down the road a bit). none of us have any money (paid on monday), all of us were tired and just over it so we parted until tomorrow. pretty much a typical saturday, so now you know.

bar ba quar

a little bbq hosted by alan (white shirt, shaved head) in his amazing house one street over from mine. bit jealous.

June 10, 2009

triple rosie

this is triple rosie - matt, lizzie and kerry - at their gig on sunday night. they're off on tour this week and have left a considerable gap in staff at climpsons.

lizzie and matt and the back of gustav, the new kid. he's swedish but has been living in perth for three years. he used to work at x-wray down in freo and knows a lot of the perth kids that i know here too. another one of those things.

also, i dropped my camera just after taking this photo and it nearly ended up in that puddle. it didn't, thank god, but it's a bit dinged and still unhappy i think. trying to juggle my camera, lens cap, case and huge bag all at once was going to result in disaster one day.

June 8, 2009


wonderful photo of my darling shamie (and autumn still, apparently). courtesy of dad (thanks! made my day, along with the bats).

found out that mum actually is responsible for the photo, dad just sent it!

bats and jazz

a. maze. ing. this is the clip that defined my childhood and is probably the source of my love for 3/4 time. which raises the question : is sesame street the greatest justification for the invention of t.v? yes, always yes.

June 6, 2009


there is a lot of energy expenditure involved in LIFE as I live it, and LOVE as I love it, and GIVING as I give it.

i like this. it's from sophie ward's blog, big long open gash.

June 5, 2009



we were going a bit crazy waiting to begin the journey to the airport. ended up taking a bunch of super-zoomed-in photos.

ps : el, when i come to visit you in oslo we should definitely do the rounds of ye olde scandinavia and then rock out in berlin. you can practice your german!


new shoes! liberty print dunks. soph and i had planned to go to liberty when they were first released but we both figured they were out of reach, price wise. but there they were at the comme des garcons guerilla store, in my size no less, how could i resist.

ellie found a pair of the other ones in her size later on that day.

we're such sisters.

misc. berlin


acne store.

these are my new friends.