April 30, 2010


young patrick, ky and i ventured blindly down to elephant and castle yesterday. we bravely tackled the insane double round-a-bout and nonsensical subway system all for the great reward of the stanley kubrick archives.

out of so much (too much) information, i chose to look at a rough draft of nabokov's script for lolita, with kubrick's markings and pages and pages of notes. it was wonderful to see. so different from the finished product. and a reconfirmation of the genius of both men (but especially nabokov). 

an example : 

(stage directions) As if on cue, Quilty appears, crawling, blood-splattered, at the head of the stairs and subsides forever in a purple heap.

April 28, 2010

park days

park days begin again.

as does blood nose season.

delightful company...

delicious spread...

all became a bit much in the mad scrum of people surrounding.


after a few days of deliciously quiet skies, the constant background drone of planes is back for good. thanks for the break though, icelandic volcano.

April 25, 2010

speaking of sisters

this is the first time i've ever really seen the resemblance.

April 21, 2010

speaking of nostalgia

i must say that i'm not surprised that ellie and i have actually always been this stylish.

(thanks for the photos mama)


celeste is back from filming in nz, and is also amazing.

i went round for a vietnamese feast today : hand-rolled summer rolls...

...and incredible home-made pho!

better than any restaurant. i mean it.

April 20, 2010


the post-birthday nostalgia begins. dave, josh and i in december of 2004.

April 19, 2010


i'm particularly fond of my birthday beluga from rach.

anthony, my cake hero. (cake made by ellie).



April 14, 2010


bright and beautiful brighton!

obviously one can't make a sand castle, so the children in brighton are like little druids making piles of stones to tell the time by.

if i were to think of a film to match brighton, dirty harry would be my last ever choice.

ellie is magical and magnetized to vegetarian restaurants. this one was particularly delicious and the only trouble i had with the menu was being spoiled for choice. spoiled. me. the vegan gluten free one. it was called terre a terre.

and back to blackfriars.

April 8, 2010

dead duck

i've just had three of my scarves dry cleaned. i'm pretty sure this is the cleanest this scarf has ever been. i'm also pretty sure this is my favourite. i'm not sure whether that's because it's the first one i bought for myself (second hand). or because it's vintage. or maybe it's because i think that blue is the colour of my soul (absolutely my favourite colour).

April 5, 2010

easter funday

(or how i learned to stop worrying and bake hot cross buns all year round).

i used this recipe with gluten-free flour (which requires a wee bit more milk).

music on, jewellery off, ready to go.

dry mix.

freshly kneaded, with sultanas and dark choc chips. left to rise under a tea towel.

after two hours, rolled into balls and left for another 45 minutes.

not buns as such. i blame the yeast.

they tasted right though.



aylish and josie.