November 22, 2010


this is lovely. and those flush windows remind me of the studio at blackrock. that's a detail to be stored away in the vault.

November 13, 2010

the rest of iit

rem (and mies).

shoreditch etc

 look closer.

ella on her birthday!

leaving albion

 it may not look like it but this is the beginning of packing my life away.

that's one full box, one empty.


aggy, tea, window.

 watching the rain.
 solving the world's problems.

rather superficial

reasons i like my hair the way it is :
  i can wear it down (crazy, i know).
  when i do wear it up in a ponytail, i like the way it bobs about as i walk; it makes me feel like a cheerleader in the 50s.
  sometimes, especially when frustrated at work, i sigh and can blow my fringe up รก la ariel (the little mermaid). if you don't understand what that means, you clearly weren't a little girl in the 90s.
  i like the undercut but it's nice that when it's grown out a bit you can't really tell. that is to say that i forget sometimes.

i'm almost incapable of anything more intellectually challenging than this, come back in a week or two.

November 10, 2010


this is cool. and highly addictive.

November 9, 2010

new hero

this is ron arad's design museum in holon, israel.

it's made me incredibly excited about architecture again.

and this made me kind of like computer drawings a little bit. (or maybe i really appreciate a nice exploded axo).

November 3, 2010

more nabokov

Now, frankly speaking, I have always been irritated by the complacent conviction that a ripple of stream consciousness, a few healthy obscenities, and a dash of communism in any old slop pail will alchemically and automatically produce ultramodern literature; and I will contend until I am shot that art as soon as it is brought into contact with politics inevitably sinks to the level of ideological trash.

from Spring in Fialta

lucien herve

oh god, it hurts.