September 28, 2009


i got a bit ahead of myself i'm afraid, so this is still in the lake district, before scotland.

our charming hotel in bowness.

and this is one of the happiest places on earth : the cumberland pencil museum. this is where derwent pencils (the pride and joy of any normal schoolkid) are/were made.

the biggest pencil in world. seriously, there's a guinness certificate and all.

it's in a town called keswick if you're at all interested.

somewhere in scotland

i feel the need to be a bit secretive here, mainly because dad had to sign a disclaimer but also because this is the personal space of someone i respect and greatly admire. for those of you who know what this is i say : ha ha, i got to go there and you didn't! and for those of you who don't, simply enjoy. the photographs don't do the garden any great justice, but i was a little overwhelmed to be trying too hard.

(detail love).

the lake (singular) district

i caught the train up to windermere to meet up with the parents. it's pretty stupid; you just walk around all day going "it's so beautiful! it's so english!", because it is.

the air is so clear and crisp.

and there's a rather large age-gap between the ages of 12 and 65.

i like boats.

and crusty, yet informative, sea captains.


covering some ground

the sir john soane museum. i've been meaning to come here for months and finally got around to it because of mum and dad. it's one of those ones that's in all the history books, mainly because sir john was a complete nut-bag and had filled his house with architectural relics. he also had a somewhat tumultuous private life and has referred to his own sons, in print, as "flinty-hearted". nice one.


ellie. (at the marylebone pad - pretty nice).

dad at his home office away from home.