April 27, 2009


mum and i took a little trip up the canal st martin from bastille to parc de la villette.

just like something out of life acquatic...

man and duck. (possibly the greatest photo ever taken. makes me laugh.)

les pompiers were all out practicing climbing up ladders and spraying water. obviously there weren't any real emergencies to attend to.

ledoux. what a man. the origins of modernism (or post even...) and republican insolence all wrapped up nicely in one little toll-house.

and tschumi of course. another great. (much much more to come, don't you worry).

April 26, 2009

so. much. eating.

this is at mamie gateaux, a new favourite, highly recommended.

ellie had green pie! (pistache et cerise).

pretty eggs at bon marche food hall.

a failed attempt to acquire macaroons at lauduree. so beautiful and so busy always.


...another old faithful at tokyo eat (palais de tokyo).

aha! lauduree comes to us (via vague american acquaintances. much appreciated though.)

on our last night we ate rather extravagant meals at le taxi jaune.

and the delicious familiarity of rose bakery was delightful for our final luncheon. cute aussie waitress and all.


our apartment was incredible. just amazing.

hello pompie!

one of many photos of ellie "being french" - ie - frowning and/or shrugging.

second best bath in all the world (definitely the deepest).


and ending our first (rather trying) first day with a bottle of perrier jouet (a new favourite) and some [el] president[e] cheese.

it begins

though it doesn't look like it, this was very early in the morning, waiting in the rain for a minicab

st pancras, a very nice station.

we dumped our bags and headed straight to the old faithful, cafe beaubourg.

April 23, 2009


paris stuff soon i promise.

April 16, 2009


dribs and drabs of my day...

waiting for mum outside liberty...

... i just had my haircut.

chillin in london fields. this was much later. in the meantime mum and i had been to the ship, had lunch at princi, visited soph up in marylebone and wandered around up there. by the time i got back home i was exhausted but the day was beautiful i couldn't resist eating some strawberries in the fields (beatles reference unintended).

after a brief drink at off broadway, mum, ellie, soph and i had a marvelous dinner at bistroteque. then we put mum in a cab and went back to off broadway. but it was wednesday and really quiet so it didn't last long.

a replacement shamie followed us home and hung out on my stoop with me for a while. i even have scratches on my wrist from where he attacked. awesome.

April 12, 2009

easter sunday

a marvelous spread.

ellie : mildly surprised at london history and the huge egg in front of her.


getting boozed with geoff and chad (two regulars in the cafe) on saturday night.

April 7, 2009

good riddance

moving house tomorrow!!

April 5, 2009


ellie in the medieval battleground that is london fields on a sunny day (this is saturday after work).

and on sunday, soph matched everything.

up on the roof of bow brook house making the most of the sun while it was still kind.

after many wanderings (wonderings) all through the east we ended up out the back of brick lane...

... with brooke and antony.

April 1, 2009


am very boring and lazy, apologies to all. this photo is from a while ago, ellie and i went to the v&a to see some hats. besides that, more work, vague friendships being forged through work. oh soph had a party but i didn't take any photos. have some interesting things coming up so just hold your horses ok?

um. stella, can't wait to hear from you, what's your email? why don't i have it already??