July 27, 2009

and away i go


dinner at hannah's (which is matt and lizzie's, but they're away)

pockets, p-man.

chef mills. this is the last time i'll see him until i get back to australia. another one to be struck from the list.

we had to improvise a little. this is steph's wine cup.

and rice was served with an implement that looked suspiciously like a shoe-horn.


max and pockets.

the cat that got the ricotta.

steph and hannah.

a typical scene

July 26, 2009


wow. hopefully this hasn't sold out by the time i return from scandinavia. thanks to 'read me...' for the heads up!

July 23, 2009


i love these guys so much. they make me so home-sick (and really curious about sydney).

what i achieved today

the girl that sold me these socks said her mother always used to tell her that happiness begins at your feet. makes sense to me.

ikea madness

aggy, kate (housemates) and i braved ikea on sunday but it wasn't nearly as bad as i expected. we'd all been procrastinating since we moved in and so it feels pretty good to have it over and done with.

July 19, 2009

lasting legacy

i re-wrote the menu before i left climpson's.

July 18, 2009


despite finding out that i have shingles early on thursday morning, i ended up having the most incredible day. met up with ellie and we wandered about in shoreditch admiring clothes and shoes that we still can't afford (despite the sales). onto to rochelle's canteen for lunch where this rollercoaster ramp...

...was set up in the courtyard and henry holland and luella bartley were lunching. we both (ellie and i) decided to have the broadbean and courgette soup for lunch with a little side salad. delicious as always. as we had finished a man came up and invited us on to the roof to participate in what can only really be described as a performance piece. i went up first (it has to be one at a time) and was blindfolded with a pair of white cloth goggles (hard to describe), given a pair of headphones and told to await instructions. the next ten minutes or so was spent in a really intimate dream-state, following the voices and completely leaving reality. it really is impossible to describe but i can't stop thinking about it.

i presume this is the creator and his dog.

ellie and i then walked up to climpson's (we stopped at the farm [see next post] and at the pharmacy where ellie very kindly bought me some calamine for my wounds), had a coffee in the park and then i went home for a nap.
later, i went to meet hannah after work and we bumped into young keira knightly and her man. she's short too. 5'7 apparently!
came home and hung out with aggy and kate and marveled at how nice it is when there are no boys around! the most wondrous and complete day i've had, in recent memory at least.

farm life

still thursday, on our way from rochelle to climpsons, ellie and i stopped off at hackney city farm. it's quite ridiculous that neither of us had ever actually been in. it's definitely worthy of its own post.

a big fat pig!

i have a new-found love for donkeys. very soft ears.

July 16, 2009


i got freakin shingles. i stressed myself into shingles. they hurt like hell. and now i just have to wait for them to go away. in my mind i liken it to having leprosy or scurvy or something really unclean but basically i'm just completely run-down and my body is having a little tantrum. gross.

from the top deck of the bus

i like to imagine that this was the first church's shop. it is in a pretty old part of the city (threadneedle st if that means anything. you've probably been past it if you catch the 242). if/when i buy some church's it has to be from here. or the teeny shop in burlington arcade.

July 14, 2009

new room

kate and i switched rooms this evening.

it's a bit smaller but i think it suits me better.

third time lucky

finally made it down to tate mod.

the turbine hall was completely empty. quite incredible. and quiet.

that said, they have just taken the coolest thing out of there, which i missed.

July 11, 2009

the first of many...

...free saturdays. ellie and i wandered up the canal to angel, through the antiques market and on to ottolenghi for lunch.

amazing. and so, so worth the wait.


so long nicola

stupid, transient london. nicola went back to sydney today. at least now i'll be less inclined to drink (she's a very bad influence).

July 10, 2009

new hair

what a boy.

July 9, 2009

this is me.

according to ye, my housemate, i look like chihiro from 'spirited away'. a compliment, i assure you. if you haven't seen it, you must.


yeah. i joined facebook, get over it.

and i riffled through tommy's photos and selected these few gems...

fun times in nyc 2007 (two years! shit).


me and simon.