March 30, 2010

o frabjous day!

i went to see tim burton's alice last night. it was magnificado (which is something like an avocado, but always in season). i think that says a lot, coming from a purist such as me.

March 27, 2010

which ones are you?

you've probably seen this before. relatedly, i read recently that marc jacobs describes the girl he designs his diffusion line 'marc by marc jacobs' for, as "a girl who knows she's a little fucked up". make of that what you will, but i thought it was fantastic.

March 23, 2010


the following is what happens when your bus is on diversion and you miss your stop.

a man on the bus in front had set up this owl and a small stack of something  (like soft biscuit jenga blocks) and proceeded to attempt to take a photo. it took him a few tries and he was highly engrossing.

lens flare!


all is golden

last, last saturday lewis put on a warehouse party.

saoirse, kate and aylish.

brett/rod stewart.



March 18, 2010


just after i finished posting, i went down to broadway to have my under, re-cut. so happy, i love tom.

good intentions

like a bump  on a bump on a log, baby;
like i'm in a fistfight with the fog, baby;
step, ball-change, and a-pirouette!

and i regret 
how i said to you,
honey, just open your heart,
when i have trouble 
even opening a honey jar....

but i fell for you honey,
easy as falling asleep.
and that right there
is the course i keep.

and no amount of talking
is going to soften the fall

and there is hesitation,
and it always remains
(concerning you, me,
and the rest of the gang)

[arvid, from work]

and i know you meant
to show the extent
to which you gave a goddang

and i do hate to fold,
right here at the top of my game,
when i've been trying
with my whole heart and soul
to stay right here, in the right lane.

recent photos, mostly from my way to and from work. word are all from 'good intentions paving co.' by joanna newsom. it's been about ten years since i've needed to listen to a song at least five times a day. the last one was 'never is a promise' by fiona apple - this one is about a million times more upbeat and delightful and beautifully written.

March 17, 2010

in response

dad : nope, not fibonacci but fractals (fun too). also, i bought 'critical modernism' and it's pretty brilliant.
josh : i'll give you ever but i'm keeping best.
aggy : toughen up!

March 2, 2010

spring a-coming.

wood pigeons.


taking photos whilst upside down on my bed, listening to joanna newsom. a sunny afternoon well spent.

drawings from earlier - the frog and fish from alice in wonderland.