August 26, 2010


if you've not seen anything from my time away, please start at the post titled 'just because'. if you've caught up with all the analogue shots, start at the post called 'here it comes'. it doesn't really matter but it'll make a bit more sense.

last day

after a quick pack and a quick coffee i met rhea for brunch and then it was on to the market to shop for a feast. (rhea matched the rainbow chard beautifully).

the produce we came home with quickly turned into a still life.

a snack, a cider and a nap and we started cooking.

jackie and rhea.

megan, ky and sean.

that blonde, be-hatted blur is ranya and her friend lord gavin.

megan, so fantastic.

and this, this is miller's. i spent a good amount of time here (almost every night i think).

we (ky, megan, rhea and i) stayed til the bitter end. then it was home to organize the remainder of my stuff, into a cab and onto jfk (where i promptly sobered up). and that's it.

mies town

if you have a couple of hours to kill in chicago, i can heartily recommend the architecture boat tour.

how's that for a collage? deco, beaux-arts, modern, international, fascist (well, civic), post-modern, weird 80s futurism, you name it, chicago's got it.

lady liberty

after the game we caught the subway all the way downtown to catch the staten island ferry.

for her.

take me out to the...


yankees vs. bluejays

any excuse. (it was hot, i'll give them that).

jesse (matt's young lady) and chloe (her friend) had just arrived.

oh, and henry got a grill.

when the yankees won, they played 'new york, new york' on repeat. we danced until we were the only ones left in the stadium.

some kid called alex rodriguez hit his 600th home-run that day too. pretty big deal but it means nothing to me really.

that dude next to chloe (not matt, the other one) was so effing new york and a legitimate yankees fan, through and through.


dave's last night.

brooklyn bound

rhea! from byron bay, recent émigré from london to new york.

marissa and rhea, post-vietnamese feast.

the tiniest feather ever. it landed on marissa and kept us (megan, marissa, darling ranya and me) company before floating onto bigger and better things (hopefully).

this was ky's birthday on the beach (fort something...). marissa, megan and mark.

beach scrabble.

rhea in her magnificent, recently acquired apartment. (smug).

me, at rhea's. (not only is there a piano, there's also a glockenspiel).


i wish i took this one with the M6.

so smart and lovely and deceptively simple.


more boy stuff, this time with a bit of narrative.

i went to meet them at their apartment on east third. this is the view from the rooftop.

we were always waiting on someone.

hanging on the fire escape after lunch at katz's deli

the next day we stopped at shakeshack for lunch before trooping up to guggenheim.

we lost/gave up on the others. i had no use for the collection, josh had no use for the exhibition.

the next day the boys made the short journey to brooklyn and we met up at el beit (ky's cafe). though this photo could have been taken anywhere really.

walking around williamsburg.

habana outpost - cuban street food and the best darn corn you'll ever eat.

colourful and hot. stinkin' hot.

this was rupert's birthday at the black keys show in central park.

i was going to give this photo its own post, purely because it cracks me up. dave.

a dapper bunch, the next evening on our way home from seeing al pacino (THE al pacino - forgeddit) as shylock in the merchant of venice. spec-tac-u-lar.